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Service:New patient consultation change

Full Osteopathic injury consultation - please write down all the muscle and joint pain, in chronological order that you have experienced in your life. Please let me know of any medications you are taking and any disease that you  have or that runs in your family.  Bring this history with you as we will need it for your treatment.
Please wear loose fitting clothing.  Ideally shorts and vest top for men and shorts and bra (that unfastens at back) for women.
We will take the case history and carry out the assessment (musculo-skeletal, neurological, Cardio-respiratory where appropriate) then explain your problem and then treat you.  Treatment often involves massage, spinal manipulation, dry needling, stretching and mobilisations - i always ask your permission so please tell me if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

Staff: Zac Laraman Mr
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